Saturday, August 25, 2018

2018 Sale Videos

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2018 GSC Sale Calves

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Bids Due by Dark, September 9th, 2018
Cattle available for Viewing at the Barn

Tag 2 - Here I Am x Who Made Who/Ali

Tag 3 - In God We Trust x Goldie(Solid Gold x Mercy)

Tag 4 - Getcha Some x Whiskey Chic

Tag 5 - In God We Trust x Happy(I-80)

Tag 6 - Extra Special x Set Me Free/I-80

Tag 7 - Fu Man Chu x Lucky(I-80)

Tag 8 - Holy Smoker x Heat Wave/Mandy

Tag 9 - Getcha Some x Mercy

Tag 10 - In God We Trust x Berry(Broker/Miley)

Tag 11 - Getcha Some x Mercy

Tag 12 - Here I Am x I-80/Heat Wave

Tag 13 - Man Among Boys x Mercy

Tag 14 - Here I Am x 305(MAB/Hottie)

Tag 15 - Getcha Some x 305(MAB/Hottie)

Tag 16 - In God We Trust x American Idol

Tag 17 - Here I Am x Miley

Tag 18 - Business Done Right x MAB/Mercy

Tag 19 - Loaded for Bear x Full Sib to I Believe

Tag 20 - In God We Trust x Boomie

Tag 21 - Holy Smoker x Heat Wave/Mandy

Tag 25 - Getcha Some x Izzy

Tag 26 - Drivin 80 x CiCi

Tag 27 - Here I Am x I-80/PB Shorthorn

Tag 28 - Style x Dixie

Tag 29 - I-Believe x Whiskey Chic

Tag 30 - Unstoppable x 110(Ali x Destiny)

Tag 31 - Bismark x Jewel(X x Destiny)

Same Location-- Cattle are Ready to Be Viewed!!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

BARN IS OPEN --- and SALE CATTLE for the September 10th, 2017 are ready
Pictures and videos coming soon!!

Monday, January 28, 2013

I Believe
 cell phone pic from Denver
Raised by Dale Goff/ Goettemoeller
Owned with Rodgers Cattle Co

Semen for Sale on Steerbidder

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Welcome, everyone, to our BLOG!!! This year marks only the second year for us to have a private treaty sale with again, an awesome set of show cattle. We value our cattle in all aspects from the show ring to future pasture success. Years ago, we learned from other "cattlemen" that having a good reputation should be a number 1 priority, and we stand behind our name 100percent. We are not ones to call you to tell you "we have that 1 for you" but would love to have you come take a look to see if   that one is here at GSC,,!! We appreciate all the time and effort everyone that visits has put forth and we would be thrilled to see you all soon. Our cattle this year are of the highest quality! Best set ever! Our vision statement is this,,,,Great Genetics, Excellent Cattle,,, Fabulous Families....
      It has truly been our pleasure to have done business with the great families from here and far,, and a BIG Thank You to all of our past customers, and a sincere hello to our future ones!